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20 Jun 2018




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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 20 Jun 2018

As Nir Sofer explains, FastResolver can be used to resolve multiple host names into IP address and the other way around. This free and portable Windows application can resolve the IP addresses and/or hostnames that you add to a list, it can resolve the IP range that you select, it can resolve hosts without domain, and it can retrieve MAC addresses.

FastResolver is portable software, as I’ve already mentioned above. To get it up and running on your Windows PC you will have to download a small archive, extract its contents, and run the FastResolver executable. The Select Hosts/IP Addresses menu will show up and ask you what you want to do: resolve a range of IP addresses or resolve IP addresses/hostnames from a list.

FastResolver’s interface is very straightforward: the main panel displays the resolved IP addresses and hostnames; above it there’s a toolbar and a traditional File Menu. I’m willing to bet that even the greenest of novices will quickly figure out the interface. But since you’re looking for a way to resolve IPs/hostnames, I’m going to assume that you aren’t a complete novice, so you should be fine.

Using FastResolver is a 3-step process that goes something like this. Step 1, choose what you want it to do: resolve an IP range, resolve IPs/hostnames from a list, resolve hosts without domain, retrieve MAC addreses. This is all done from the Select Hosts/IP Addresses menu. Step 2, let FastResolver do its thing. Step 3, review all the information that FastResolver presents on its interface.

FastResolver is free software. NirSoft has plenty of other useful utilities to offer, also for free. If you like any of them, please consider showing your support and making a donation.

Need to resolve an IP range or a list of IPs/hostnames? The free and portable FastResolver is perfectly suited for the job!


FastResolver is portable software and doesn’t need to be installed. FastResolver can resolve IP addresses, hostnames, and an IP range. FastResolver is free software.


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